Market Environment – Solar Power Generation

In the wake of the energy crisis, demand for more electricity from conventional fossil and nuclear power plants is increasing, heightening the many concerns worldwide about the future of energy production on the one hand and about the environment on the other.

Unfortunately, finding solutions to the problems caused by environmentally damaging power plants has been a subject of discussion by many political bodies for 20 years without any radical changes being brought about. In the meantime, solar technology has developed enormously, especially in terms of components. For example, the efficiency of solar modules has improved by 80 % in the last 10 years.

Growth rates in global photovoltaic capacity have consistently been in the double-digit percentage range over the past 20 years, even though growth in Europe came to a virtual standstill 10 years ago as pricing became increasingly dominated by the Chinese market. Fortunately, with the production of cheaper and at the same time more efficient components, the photovoltaic market will soon be able to support itself without subsidy schemes.

The future looks promising but only if a political solution succeeds in redefining suitable framework conditions and stimulating more investment in the renewable energy sector.