German Market Environment

Record increase in Solar Photovoltaic production in Germany for 2023

The solar industry in Germany has continued with its rise in popularity as 2023 saw a record year for production after increased demand from homeowners.

A report released by Germany’s Federal Association of the Solar Industry (BSW) stated that more than one million new solar units were installed in Germany, Europe’s largest economy, in 2023.

There was a fourfold increase compared to 2022, with over 250,000 new plug-in residential solar units going operational. 85 % of the newly installed solar power systems, with a peak output of about 14 gigawatts, were installed on roofs, and open spaces during 2023, a figure confirmed by the Federal Network Agency.

50% of the newly installed solar power capacity was in the residential sector, while a figure of 31% percent was given for open-field photovoltaic systems, and approximately 18 percent for commercial rooftop solar installations. Germany currently has 3.7 million solar power systems that generated approximately 62 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity in 2023. 12 percent of the country’s total power consumption is supplied by solar power.

Demand for alternative energy will continue to increase during 2024, owing to rising electricity prices, attractive subsidies, and the simplification of bureaucratic obstacles. 1.5 million property owners are currently planning to install solar panels on their rooftops and a recent survey found that 70% of property owners, with suitable roof space, plan to install a new solar system in the future.

2023 was the first year that more than half of the energy generated was supplied by alternative energy. Experts forecast a continued boom for 2024 and continue to see Germany continuing to be the leading solar power provider in Europe.