Our purchasing department is constantly up to date on current trends and the latest technology. We have established good relationships with our suppliers who can provide us with all the components we need when we need them.

In the last ten years, strong competition has developed in the component market. The cost of components has gone down, while quality and power output have improved. If you compare all renewable energies, solar energy is the most cost-effective.


The implementation of a photovoltaic project includes the following steps:

  • Feasibility study and examination of the approval possibilities
  • Development of a concept and its calculation
  • Development of a detailed technical design
  • Developing and applying for the permit
  • Coordination of environmental issues and other project criteria

Fields and roof areas

As a growing company, we are always interested in new projects. This also applies to solar plants that have already been completed.

If you have a large open space or roof area that can be used for solar power generation, please contact us.