Giving Back to Nature

The Repo Solar Group avidly supports environmental protection and other projects that help our communities.

Environmental awareness is a crucial factor when constructing and purchasing new facilities. The latest technology is used to comply with all legal regulations and helps to protect flora and fauna as well as the soil through a sustainable construction system.

Ecosia, a web browser well-known for supporting the fight against deforestation, is implemented as a search engine on all our company computers. Each visit to the site helps with their goal of planting new trees and therefore helps to rebalance the environment.

Our construction techniques ensure minimal compaction of the soil, which in turn leads to better nutrient uptake for the plants that grow there. As a result, a good source of food and shelter is available for the various species of animals.

In addition to environmental protection projects, we support projects that promote artists that often have a strong connection to environmental awareness. Busy People Art is a firm believer in our principles where the focus is also on diversification tolerance and species protection.


Ecosia is a search engine that uses the revenue from search ads to plant trees where they were urgently needed. Over 15 million people worldwide already use Ecosia as a search engine and protect over 500 native species in over 30 different countries through more than 60 active projects.

You can easily add Ecosia to your web browser and help with their projects.

Besides the interactive support through Ecosia as a search engine,  a variety of projects can be financially assisted with donations.

Climate change
animal welfare
clean water
Empowering women
Endangered tree species

Simple select the  areas you would like to help,  and Ecosia make the most of your donation

Busy people art supports aspiring painters and photographers whose works are presented at our events. Wildlife photography and conservation are important aspects. If you are interested in viewing an exhibition or an event, more information can be found on their website:

In addition, busy people art publishes various books on different artistic topics through their publishing house Good vibes.

Events, exhibitions, and short films are often done by our partner Louve Entertainment.

Wildlife Protection

Environmental awareness is an important factor to consider when making changes.

As part of our solar park planning, we take into account the impact on fauna and flora as well as local wildlife. Measures are taken to ensure that harmony and balance are maintained.

Trillion Trees Campaign

Your investment in Trillion Trees can reshape the future of forests on our planet. Follow the link to find out more.