Roof and free area exchange

We are pleased that you are interested in leasing your roof area or open space for the installation of a photovoltaic system.

Photovoltaics is one of the cleanest forms of energy generation and has virtually no impact on the environment. We are delighted that you think so too.

As a reliable partner with many years of experience, we offer the following:

  • A rental income will be received without any initial investment when the lease is for 20 years or more
  • As leaseholders, we cover the maintenance costs, therefore, no ongoing expenses
  • We will also assume complete liability. Any damage to the solar power plant or caused by the solar plant is insured through us
  • You don’t have to do anything, simply make your roof or open area available and we will do the rest

Contact us using our enquiry form link below and we will be happy to make you a leasing proposal.